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New Zealand is an island country located in the South-Western Pacific Ocean, only 1,500 kilometres from Australia. Geographically it compromises of two land masses as well as numerous smaller islands. New Zealand's economy is focused mainly on trade and approximately one third of total goods and services made are exported.     

Many products of expertise such asaviation, medical devices, precision engineering and marine manufacturing are produced and exported from New Zealand as they are known to produce many modern, high precision products and services that integrate robotics, software, electronics, sensors as well as advanced materials such as high performance plastics, composites and light or special purpose metals.
Many internationally recognized innovations in the medical, aviation and technological industries have been produced through combined efforts of Australia and New Zealand. Some of these include the cochlear implant, satellite navigation, airport landing systems and solar cell technologies.

New Zealand has the capability to design and engineer high-technology production and monitoring systems for industry and utilities. This includes automation equipment, sheet metal forming equipment, industrial robots, drying kilns, heat exchangers, industrial fans, air pollution control, filtration and noise control solutions, precision tool making, engineered fabrications and electronic measurement and control systems.

Australia and New Zealand together have a very broad range of trading partners throughout the Asia Pacific, heritage links with Europe as well as many political links with the United States. Amongst other countries, Australia and NZ are part of an international co-operation known as the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-Operation (APEC). This co-op was formed to help promote open trade as well as a more practical economic co-operation throughout the Asia Pacific Region. It is estimated that the combined output of all APEC members accounts for almost half of world exports and more than half of world Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 

New Zealand is a very competitive yet developed country in which many industries drive niche production and sales in exporting to the rest of the Asia Pacific region. The country's strength is manufacturing high value but low volume products.

New Zealand’s proximity and preferential access (bilateral and multilateral agreements) is a benefit when it comes to access/trading with high-growth economies in the Asia Pacific region with countries such as including Australia, China and the ASEAN countries. The time zone difference of Australia and New Zealand amongst many of the Asian countries only equates between 2 to 5 hours. Due to this small time range and excellent time overlap, this allows for easy communications between Asia and the US enabling better and more timely trades to take place.

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