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The Indian Electronics industry is said to be valued at 25 Billion US Dollars as there are many high-technology products and services made in India and produced to serve the high demand of the worldwide market. These high-technology innovations would not be possible without the utilization of high tech Printed Circuit Boards. PCB Global has recently entered the Indian electronics market with both rigid flex Printed Circuit Boards and 10 layer Printed Circuit Boards. The Indian electronics industry is primarily comprised of the development and maintenance of communication systems such as radio broadcasting, telephone and telegraph communications and defense capabilities. India is known to be the fifth largest economy of the world with the second largest Gross Domestic Product among many emerging economies. Its large population is responsible for the large demand of customers and the super set of skilled labour made available to the global market in many avenues of business.

Globalisation of the Indian economy was only recently liberated from primarily government ownership in 1984, as rapid growth was experienced in the Electronics Industry due to swift economic changes on a global scale. The swift economic transformations experienced around the whole world were accelerated by the development of many export-orientated industries such as the electronics industry. Foreign investment into India was encouraged by 1991, which aided in the reduction of custom tariffs and licensing of many products and services, increasing foreign collaboration and investment. This step broke down barriers for many other Asian nations to not only trade but increase competition in the electronics industry, increasing the level of complexity and capabilities for many Printed Circuit Boards used in many of these high-tech electronic products demanded by many western nations.

Consumer electronics in India only accounts for 30% of the Indian Electronics market, driven by the large demands of foreign countries. The main sections of the electronics industry in India today comprise of Electronic Components, Computer and telecommunications, office electronics and consumer and industrial electronics. 

The success of the Printed Circuit Board Industry in India can be likened to factors such as low manufacturing costs for skilled labour and raw materials, availability of highly skilled engineers and its ability to meet the demands of not only the Indian Electronics Industry but also the worldwide Electronics Industry. With the help of PCB Global, many Electronics companies and skilled Engineers in India have access to obtaining even higher technologies in Printed Circuit Boards from other advanced markets around the globe. India contains many of the most highly skilled engineers, while PCB Global provide these engineers with the opportunity to innovate their skills, to bring more advanced technologies not only to India but the rest of the world.

India’s increasing high technologies have created greater demand for growth of many electronics manufacturing sectors which has assisted in boosting their economy and productivity in the electronics industry on a worldwide scale, competing with the manufacturing outputs provided by countries such as China and Taiwan. PCB Global is the ideal partner for many countries such as India as we pride ourselves on our advanced technologies enabling PCB Global to also offer our Full Spectrum PCB Technologies for 1 layer to 40 layer Printed Circuit Boards with a multitude of substrates and technologies through our online portal.

Our online capabilities include the standard 2 to 20 layer PCB’s, FR4 TG130/140, FR4 High TG=170, Thickness 0.8mm to 3.2 mm, Copper Finish 1oz - 2oz – 3oz, Surface Finish - HASL Leaded and ROHS HAL - ENIG Immersion Gold with various solder mask and component legend colours. These qualities are unique to PCB Global as we have found no other online PCB manufacturer can offer these specifications.  

Put our system to the test! Start your free online quotation by clicking the ‘ONLINE QUOTE’ tab for an instantaneous quote on your Printed Circuit Boards. As a full service Printed Circuit Board supplier, PCB Global offer a complete line of products and services from Standard, Fast and Express Quick-Turn Prototype manufacturing, low to medium volume pre-production to high volume mass production services, all at the click of a button!









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