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Posted on 31/03/2017

PCB Global manufacture 1 layer, 2 layer and the high tech 4 layer Aluminium PCB’s for the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry.  A standard Aluminium Printed Circuit Board stack up for 1, 2 and 4 -Layer PCB’s is shown below:

Base Metal Layer:  Aluminium – generally 1.0 to 4.0mm thickness, 1.5mm being the standard.

Dielectric Layer:  Not only to bond the copper circuit layer to the aluminium but more importantly offer the required electrical isolation with minimal thermal resistance; 1W/m-k and 2W/m-k being the standard.

Copper Foil:  The copper foil will be processed and etched to the required circuit layer design.

PCB Global offer these technologies for Aluminium Printed Circuit Boards on our easy to use online portal  at: http://www.pcbglobal.com/quote/aluminium-pcbs/

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