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Texas in the United States of America is 1 of 50 states that contain a diverse workforce and manufacturing industry.  Each state has a particular specialty in what they produce, import, export as well as the percentage of Gross Domestic product (GDP) that they contribute to the overall growth of the country.  For Texas, the electronics industry is an important and growing part of their diverse economy as it directly employs over 196,000 workers across the state.

On a national scale (involving the entire United Sates of America), Texas ranks No. 2 (jumping up from a previous rank of No. 4 in 1988) in electronics employment (at 196,000 jobs)  and No. 3 in output (behind Petroleum products and Chemicals exported) accounting for nearly 10% of the U.S. total electronics manufacturing value, which is measured by GDP.  Overall, Texas should be commended for having such a high export value, running for 11 years straight.  More recently in 2012, Texas was ranked No. 1 on a national scale for its electronics exports bringing in a massive $42.4 Billion from electronics products shipped internationally.

The early 1950’s saw Texas’ electronics industry enter the Global scene which was its foundations to its  lead over other nations surrounding the state as firms within the state ranged from small groups of research scientists in Austin to large corporations employing thousands of people in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.  In the mid-1950’s Houston became the home base for most electronics firms, most of which concentrated on the production of geophysical instruments and automation systems. Total sales in that area as early as 1955 generated and exceeded $10 million. The second major concentration of the electronics industry in the state at that time was in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, based on proximity and location as well as their ever-expanding workforce in the electronics industry.

A well-known electronics company called Texas Instruments (TI) as well as other high tech companies established in the state is seen to be responsible for its growth and development internationally. In 1958, and engineer named Jack Kilby, from the company Texas Instruments invented the Integrated Circuit (as we know it today) in Dallas, Texas which lead him to win the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 2000.  This invention by Texas Instruments would soon enable the great success of exports in the electronics industry and has since then allowed the high tech electronics industry to “spread its roots” across the state with advances soon growing in semiconductors, computers, telecommunications, and, more recently, computer services.

What makes Texas so successful in its electronics manufacturing and design? It is its ideal location for electronics design and manufacturing firms to be accommodated for space, as well as a diverse and highly skilled workforce with low-tax demands, business friendly environments, proximity to markets (National and Internationally), a large consumer market (per capita), wide access to leading research universities, good living environments for families and a rich history of technological innovation (dating back from the 1950’s and previous  years).The Texas workforce is also something to comment on as it is seen to be significantly more specialized in electronics manufacturing than other U.S. states(measured by electronics workers per capita). The percentage of Texas workers employed in semiconductor, computer, and telecom manufacturing is 30%- 40% greater than the national average.  These electronics sectors listed above has made Texas the second largest electronics component workforce in the nation, consisting of 370 firms, totaling 44,000 workers employed by 370 different companies.

Semiconductors, also calledmicrochips or Integrated Circuits (IC’s), are a common item established and manufactured in Texas.  They contain millions of microscopic transistors connected together to form the brains of everyday items we know, use and rely on such as computers, smartphones, and televisions. The manufacture of semiconductors is seen to be on a trend of consolidation as other industry subcategories have added jobs between 2007 and 2011. This includes the merger of electronic coil & transformer, semiconductor machinery, and printed circuit assembly’s manufacturers as a way to reduce costs and expand the diversity of knowledge amongst the workforce.

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