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PCB Global are an Australian based company backed by over 35 years experience expanding across all boarders of each continent around the world. With this experience, we have an extensive yet forever increasing knowledge in the demanding Printed Circuit Board Industry

PCB Global is a dedicated Prototype Quick Turn High Technology Printed Circuit Board supplier that will exceed your expectations in respect to Quality, Delivery and Price all in an instant professional online experience

Quotes and orders are generated instantly online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 365 days a year for all prototype Printed Circuit Boards with three delivery options (Standard, Fast and Express) that are quoted simultaneously

No other Printed circuit board online web site comes even close to be able to offer the technology, delivery and 2 layer to 20 layer service like PCB Global

PCB Global value your feedback, if you require any further information about our company please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@pcbglobal.com or by simply clicking on the following link  - www.pcbglobal.com

to continue through to our website for an instant quotation of your PCB requirement 

PCB Global Pty Ltd – Unit 220, 14 Lexington Drive, Norwest Business Park, Sydney, NSW, 2153, Australia – Phone: 61 2 9672 6879 – Fax: 61 2 9629 6302
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