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Posted on 28/10/2016

PCB Global currently supply Printed Circuit Boards to Israel. The PCB industry in Israel is known to be one of the country’s youngest industries and has grown alongside the rise of the electronics industry. The rise of electronics in Israel began in the early 1960’s as there was a large demand in response to the requirement of defence and aircraft manufacture.

Telecommunications, medical, computer and scientific instrumentation in Israel soon experienced a boom into a high technology environment. This hence placed demands on more high tech printed circuit board requirements. Israel’s printed circuit board and electronics industry comprises of many manufacturers, however, for quick turn and high technology requirements, such as flex and rigid flex are outsourced. Due to the high demand of the PCB industry, many materials such as glass epoxy copper clad laminates are being produced and exported globally.

PCB Global can offer flex PCB’s, rigid flex and high technology blind and buried vias which are commonly utilised in PCB’s manufactured for purposes of electronics in the defence industry. PCB Global can assist many global customers, such as Israel with these capabilities, including quick turn and high tech PCB’s.

The benefits of high tech PCB’s such as rigid flex includes:

#1- the ability to maintain strong physical interconnections even with minimal space
#2 -  it’s adaptable shape allows for a large variety of intricate applications
#3 – the layer stack-up possibilities allows the engineer greater freedom when designing and applying the design to the required device. This may cause the deign to be more challenging in the drawing process, however, the finished product is a more efficient and capable board.

For PCB’s outside of our online capabilities, please contact us at sales@pcbglobal.comwith your design file and we will provide a rapid free quote.

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