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There may be a few discrepancies when it comes to a PCB design file package received. PCB Global’s Computer Aided manufacturing (CAM) Engineering department are experienced in distinguishing these discrepancies and following up with EQ’s to the customers specifications.

Drill File Differs from Drill Drawing

EQ from CAM:

Drill file differs from the drill drawing in the PCB file supplied. Hole count shows 121 in the drill file and 118 in the drill drawing.


It is important to ensure that all the correct holes are drilled as per the printed circuit board design. This error generally occurs when the fabrication drawing is produced, followed by a last minute minor amendment made to the circuit without regenerating the fabrication drawing again.


Our customer confirmed to ignore the drill drawing and process as per the drill file.

For further tips and information when designing and laying out your printed circuit board design file please do not hesitate to contact our PCB Global team at sales@pcbglobal.com

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