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Posted on 19/12/2014

PCB Global is the leader in online Printed Circuit Board solutions from Prototype PCB’s in our online technologies portal as well as Full Spectrum PCB’s that are quoted 24/7, 365 days a year.  This includes the various holiday periods and Festive Seasons experienced all around the Globe such as the upcoming Christmas and New Year Festive Celebrations. 

Quotes and orders will be continuously available online through these holiday periods to suit your business’s demands, on commencement of the New Year. Please consider and select appropriate delivery options to allow for worldwide delivery this festive period as your delivery date may fall on a regional public holidays (Christmas day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve etc).

You may now find our 24/7/365 quotes and orders experience through our website {www.pcbglobal.com} now available on any Smartphone and Tablet device for your convenience, especially through the holiday break.

The team at PCB Global wishes all our existing and future customers a very Merry Christmas and a safe, joyous and prosperous New Year for 2015.

PCB Global is a dedicated Prototype Quick Turn High Technology Printed Circuit Board supplier that will exceed your expectations in respect to Quality, Delivery and Price all in an instant professional online experience. We are an Australian based company backed by over 35 years’ experience expanding across all boarders of each continent around the world. With this experience, we have an extensive yet forever increasing knowledge in the demanding Printed Circuit Board Industry.

We have the technological edge not only in the Quality of our Printed Circuit Boards as well as the leading edge in Price, but we also offer an exclusive Delivery service to which no other Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in the world can offer.   Manufacturing days quoted in typical working days being Monday to Friday with DHL Express Delivery is generally 2 to 3 days depending on your geographical region and local customs.

 Quotes and orders are processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year on our easy to follow online portal to which automated instant quotes are created by you to your specifications.  These quotes are instantaneously generated to be processed as purchase orders providing options of Standard delivery, Fast delivery or Express delivery dependent on the urgency of your requirement.  Your Printed Circuit Boards are then manufactured and express delivered worldwide.

Our online capabilities include the standard 2 to 20 layer PCB’s, FR4 TG130/140, FR4 High TG=170, Thickness 0.8mm to 3.2 mm, Copper Finish 1oz - 2oz – 3oz, Surface Finish - HASL Leaded and ROHS HAL - ENIG Immersion Gold with various solder mask and component legend colours.  These qualities are unique to PCB Global as we have found no other online PCB manufacturer can offer these specifications.

Our company prides itself on our advanced technologies enabling PCB Global to also offer our Full Spectrum PCB Technologies for 1 layer to 40 layer Printed Circuit Boards with a multitude of substrates and technologies. If your order cannot be processed through our online capabilities (for Full Spectrum Orders), simply email your Printed Circuit Board file to sales@pcbglobal.comfor a fast quotation.  

Put our system to the test! Start your free online quotation by clicking the ‘ONLINE QUOTE’ tab for an instantaneous quote on your Printed Circuit Boards. As a full service Printed Circuit Board supplier, PCB Global offer a complete line of products and services from Standard, Fast and Express Quick-Turn Prototype manufacturing, low to medium volume pre-production to high volume mass production services, all at the click of a button!

How to Quote & Order

1.     Select between the options FR4 PCB’s or Aluminum PCB’s

2.     Begin by entering your unique PCB Reference/ Part Number and follow the prompt to the drop down lists:

·      Select how many Layers

·      Enter the required Quantity

·      Enter the Size in Millimetres (mm) X

·      Enter the Size in Millimetres (mm) Y

·      Select the Material

·      Select the Thickness – (for multilayer thickness please see our Layer Stack page)

·      Select the finished Copper thickness

·      Select the Surface Finish

·      Select the colour of your Solder Mask

·      Select a Silkscreen component legend color

·      Add any special instructions

3.     Press ONLINE QUOTE

4.     Select Delivery from STANARD – FAST – EXPRESS service

5.     Upload your PCB File

·      Press ADD to ORDER

·      OPTION to add another FR4 PCB or another Aluminium PCB

6.     Select ‘Ship to Country’- choose your Country

7.     Select DHL or Freight Collect to use your Freight Account, Press PROCEED

8.     Enter your Contact andDelivery details

9.     Enter your Payment details; Credit Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal

10.  You will be sent an email confirmation of your order and if you are a new customer to PCB Global, you will be provided with login details for your next visit to our online store, to which you can change your password on your next visit. 

PCB Global are an Australian based company backed by over 35 years experience expanding across all boarders of each continent around the world. With this experience, we have an extensive yet forever increasing knowledge in the demanding Printed Circuit Board Industry

PCB Global is a dedicated Prototype Quick Turn High Technology Printed Circuit Board supplier that will exceed your expectations in respect to Quality, Delivery and Price all in an instant professional online experience

Quotes and orders are generated instantly online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 365 days a year for all prototype Printed Circuit Boards with three delivery options (Standard, Fast and Express) that are quoted simultaneously

No other Printed circuit board online web site comes even close to be able to offer the technology, delivery and 2 layer to 20 layer service like PCB Global

PCB Global value your feedback, if you require any further information about our company please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@pcbglobal.com or by simply clicking on the following link  - www.pcbglobal.com

to continue through to our website for an instant quotation of your PCB requirement 

PCB Global Pty Ltd – Unit 220, 14 Lexington Drive, Norwest Business Park, Sydney, NSW, 2153, Australia – Phone: 61 2 9672 6879 – Fax: 61 2 9629 6302

On a global scale, the value of manufacturing services in the electronics market is estimated at €800 billion. Communication technology accounts for only €185 billion of that value and consumer electronics only takes a share of  €160 billion. The remaining €455 billion can account for the automotive and industrial electronics industries in Europe.

Approximately 300,000 people are employed in the European Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Industry for the design and assembly of electronics in the European Union. In recent years the electronics industry in Europe has had to adapt its practices due to increasing competition from low-cost to labour and production countries that produce these similar products that as a result has caused a significant decrease in the production of high volume, low cost electronic products in the European Union.

The focus of the electronics industry in Europe is now concentrated on non-consumer electronics and rather focused on more specialised applications. These are low volume, high value products, or those that are based upon cutting-edge technology where sustained performance and reliability are critical. Typically, these might include applications in diverse industries such as telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial control systems and many other niche applications. The requirements of such products are widely different from those of normal high volume consumer electronics. In particular, they are often required to have very good in-service performance reliability and much longer in-service lifetimes. These key factors are strongly influenced at the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing stage by the choice of solderable finish.

The PCB fabrication industry is a key supplier to a wide range of EU-based electronics assemblers, systems manufacturers and end-users across many strategically important industry sectors, all of whom will also directly benefit from this project as a consequence of being able to source circuit board assemblies with enhanced reliability at more competitive prices.

Most of companies cover all the quality requirements and technology standards. Due to specialization and highly educated staff South-East European (SEE) companies can offer the global market state-of-the art technology of Printed Circuit Boards produced. All the production is compatible to global industrial standards in all the aspects, from design, materials used, lamination, manufacturing, etc. (including compliance to new EU directives WEEE and RoHS).

Though relatively developed Contract Electronic Assembly Industry in several South-East European countries most of the PCB production is export oriented. Bigger number of PCB manufacturers in the region exports more than 90% of their production which is not far from the situation with the local Electronic Assembly Industry. The main exportation direction are European countries, generally members within the European Union.

The year 2006 was the first year in which electronics production in the US, Japan and Western Europe accounted for less than 50% of global electronics output as there was an increase in relocating to lower-cost countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. Many EMS providers from Western Europe such as the UK and France relocated business due to a decline in the period 2004-2007 and as a result repositioned production to lower-cost countries such as South America, Hungary and Thailand.

Within Europe the shift in electronic production locally can be seen to have shifted from Western Europe to Central and Eastern European countries. Closeness to markets for many European countries remains an important decision factor in production and market value as this could become even more important due to the growing attention for climate change and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Demand for EMS in Europe can be seen to demonstrate quick growth, starting in the period 2004-2007 with a 10-15% year increase. Worldwide in 2008 around 20% of all electronic assembly activities was subcontracted to EMS providers, resulting in a global EMS market of €160 billion. The EU was responsible for about 15-20% of this value (€24-30 billion).  The US and Japan also saw a  similar market value share while Asia claimed the remaining value share for their markets. 

The largest EMS provider in the EU, although it is not in the top ten of the largest EMS providers in the world, is from Finland. In total, Europe counts about 1,350 EMS providers with some 1,450 factories, which are usually small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). About 80% of the EMS providers record annual sales of less than €10 million.

Without being classified the largest EMS provider in the EU, Germany has the largest number of EMS providers with around 400 companies totaling an estimated €4.0 billion sales per year and is recognized as the largest market for EMS in Europe, closely followed by countries including the UK, France and Italy. Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are smaller markets, but are still classified as medium-sized EMS providers in the EU.

In 2011 Germany accounted for over 40% of the PCB production in Europe as a whole while the addition of Switzerland an Austria (both German Speaking countries) equate to a total of 75% of all European PCBs. The end-uses of these PCB’s are dominated by automotive, industrial and some photovoltaic and medical applications.

Throughout the European Union whether you are a large OEM or small Electronics design Engineering company, with today’s constant demanding deadline pressures in Research and Development Projects for many electronics products and service relying on Printed Circuit Boards, PCB Global is your ideal partner for rapid quote, ordering and delivery options for your Printed Circuit Board requirements.

Shipping days are as per the matrix provided; Standard, Fast and Express for 2 Layer to 20 Layer Printed Circuit Boards that no other competitor can offer on this global scale. PCB Global’s Sales and Administration is based in Sydney, Australia and our high technology quick turn joint venture printed circuit board manufacturing facility is located in Huizhou, China.  This proximal location to all European Union nations enables PCB Global to deliver your PCB’s through the worldwide with the preferred and trusted shipping company DHL Express in a timely and efficient matter.

Unlike our competitors, PCB Global will not only offer an extremely competitive quote but will enable you to receive a quotation simultaneously for all three delivery options giving you control of both cost and delivery at your convienience as mentioned above. Try our professionally crafted Instant Online Quotation and ordering system as this will allow you to compare all possible prototype services with your preferred delivery options of Standard, Fast and Express Delivery on our web site www.pcbglobal.com

PCB Global standard multi-layer Printed Circuit Board layer stack up is predominantly made up of three components with varying thicknesses of Copper Foil, Pre-preg and Copper clad FR4 laminates as cores.

The Standard Copper thickness in particular for all the FR4 Core Inner Layers is generally 35um (1oz), this  can be easily varied to 18um (0.5oz) – 70um (2oz) – 105um (3oz) if required.

Increasing the Copper thickness to 70um or Higher will naturally depend on the printed circuit board design in respect to Trace/Space clearances, these can be viewed on PCB Global‘s Capabilities – www.pcbglobal.com/capabilities .

All the PCB Global Standard Multi-layer stack up can be varied and detailed to suit not only specific finished thicknesses but more importantly specific calculated impedance control requirements for RF applications.

If you have a special requirement for a finished thickness or impedance please email PCB Global the details and we can recommend a multi-layer stack up to suit.

PCB Global offer these FR4 laminates and pre-preg’s in standard TG materials – TG=130/140 as well high TG materials TG=170.



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