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Posted on 30/12/2016

When ordering your prototype printed circuit board, there is a tooling charge associated with the creation of your new PCB. When re-ordering your existing PCB’s, it is important to consider and understand the minimum order quantity (MOQ) associated with the minimum order value (MOV).

MOQ’s and MOV’s are important as this is associated with the economic viability of producing your PCB’s. For example: It is commercially viable for the factory to run the production for 3pcs at US$3.00 with a tooling charge of US$198.00 (Total of US$207.00 plus shipping) however, it is not commercially realistic to fabricate 3pcs with a total cost of US$9.00.  The cost of all the set ups required and running the production line machines is accounted in the MOQ.

Here is the matrix below:

2 layer – US$125.00

4 layer – US$225.00

6 layer – US$275.00

8 layer – US$375.00

10 layer – US$395.00

12 layer – US$495.00

14 layer – US$545.00

16 layer – US$620.00

18 layer – US$695.00

20 layer – US$750.00

Note: These MOV’s do not include the price of shipping.

Example using matrix: If you initially ordered 5pcs of a 6- layer PCB at US$12.50 each and you require another batch of the same revision PCB again, for US$275.00 you will receive 22pcs or be charged the equivalent of 22pcs if you do not wish to obtain 22pcs.

For further explanations, or more information on this, please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@pcbglobal.com

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