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Posted on 27/07/2018

Introduction to Circuit Boards

At virtually all times of the day, we are almost surrounded by technology, and most of it helps in making our daily routines easier. In fact, most of us would probably feel completely lost without our electronic devices.

Almost everyone knows the pieces of technology are essential to them, but what many do not know is these devices need flexible printed circuit boards to keep them running. According to industrial reports, the revenue for printed circuit boards in the US in 2014 alone amounted to nearly $44 billion.

Flexible PCB’s and their Application

Flexible printed circuit boards are a patterned arrangement of components and printed circuitry utilizing flexible base materials. The main advantage over regular printed circuit boards is their flexibility, which allows the flexible printed boards to conform to the three-dimensional space available within devices.

Printed circuit boards are almost always unique, each being designed to exact specifications to meet the requirements of individual devices. The thickness of flexible circuit boards can vary widely, ranging from 1.6 mm to 0.08 mm. Among common household items, you will most likely find flexible printed circuit boards being used in microwaves, clocks, cell phones—their touch-type interface and LCD requires flex circuits.

When are they used?

As long as televisions and computer monitors were using Cathode-Ray Tubes (CRT), there was ample space inside for a rigid printed circuit board. Moving over to LCDs has limited the space inside these devices and forced the use of flexible circuit boards. Desktop printers, computer keyboards, and memory devices all use flexible circuit boards now.

Apart from the everyday technology and electronics, flexible circuit boards are also used extensively in almost all industrial applications involving transportation, military, aerospace & avionics, medical, automotive, defense, consumer electronics, communications, satellites, semiconductors, and many more.

Benefits of Flex PCB’s

With consumers and applications demanding a reduction in the size of electronic devices, the importance of flexible printed boards is projected to rise. Their popularity among manufacturers is gradually increasing as many original equipment manufacturers are gradually becoming aware of the significant benefits of flexible circuits.

Although designed and manufactured in much the same way as their rigid counterparts, there are specific differences between the two processes, which make flex circuits typically more cost-effective. Flex printed circuit boards:

  • Reduce production costs by simplifying system design
  • Solve internal packaging problems, especially for smaller devices with compact designs
  • Offer considerable weight reduction when replacing wire harnesses
  • Offer enhanced flexibility, which helps absorb and reduce the effect of vibrations
  • Increase the reliability of the device, as reduction in wiring lowers the risk of connection failures
  • Can be used in harsh environments, as they are resistant to corrosion, high temperatures, shock, moisture, and water

Properties of Flex PCB’s

Engineers designing equipment look for greater flexibility and stretch, which can only be met by flexible circuits. In contrast to the regular rigid printed circuit boards, flexible circuits can bend and wrap around small or unconventional spaces. This exclusive feature makes flex circuits so attractive to design engineers. All this is making product design engineers and manufacturers recognize and take advantages of flexible printed circuit boards.


At PCB Global, we are aim to assist all our customers unique and varying requirements. We work with a variety of factories that specialise in flex PCB’s which ensures quality and efficiency with regards to supplying you flex PCB requirements. For more information or for a quote please feel free to contact us at sales@pcbglobal.com

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