PCB Global Material

FR4 TG=170 / FR4 TG=180 / FR4 TU-862 / FR4 TU-768 / Rogers / Arlon 85N / Polyimide Flex / Nelco N4000 / Teflon / Taconic / Megatron 6 / FR408HR / Isola / Panasonic Polyimide/

Fujita LE-600 Soldermask

LE-600 is a two-component liquid white photosensitive solder mask ,which mainly made of the resin, photosensitive materials, fillers, pigments, solvents and other components .It's a excellent white solder mask for the specifically LED PCB, which have excellent resistance to high temperature deformation yellow, highly reflective, anti-chemical corrosion, solder graphic precision, good adhesion for the circuit board of sprayed tin and plated gold. 

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Pyralux LF Adhesive

Sheet adhesive in the Pyralux product line is a proprietary B-staged modified acrylic adhesive coated on release paper. Sheet adhesive is used primarily to bond flexible innerlayers or rigid cap layers in multilayer lamination.

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Panasonic Megtron 6

Megtron 6 is a new generation, advanced material designed for high frequency (Low Dk, low Df) circuit board applications. Megtron 6’s electrical properties are competitive with PTFE–based materials, but with improved processability.

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Nelco N4000-13 EP & EP SI

Nelco N4000-13 EP is an enhanced epoxy resin system engineered for today’s lead-
free requirements where multiple solder reflow at temperatures approaching 260oC are required.

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Nelco N4000-13 & 13 SI

The Nelco N4000-13 series is an enhanced epoxy resin system engineered to provide both outstanding thermal and high signal speed / low signal loss properties. N4000-13 SIis excellent for applications that require optimum signal integrity and precise impedance control, while maintaining high reliability through CAF2 and thermal resistance.

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